January 28th, 2002

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I saw the moon this morning, she (and you aren't sure why but you always have known the moon is female...) was super extra bright, almost standing out in defiance against the darkness which normally surpresses her.

And it was cool, the counrtyside was lit up to a surprising degree, I could see the reflection of the moon in puddles, even off polyphene wrapped bails of hay.

I'm sure I was going somewhere with that, but I forgotted.

I busy now.

hit things with computer.

Or is it the other way around.
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This is a "worrying" topic;
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Now if one could boast stats like that...
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NF - York Stylee

Journey 1: ABERDEEN to YORK

Your ticket(s) will be delivered to:
Mr Charles Brown (Fionacat)
35 Westhill Grange
AB32 6QJ,Scotland

Route: This ticket is only valid for travel on Great North Eastern Railway Ltd. services.
No. of adult passengers: 1

Outward Journey: Friday 22nd February 2002
Station ABERDEEN, Departs 09:55, Travel By Train, Service Provider GREAT NORTH EASTERN RAILWAY
Station YORK, Arrives: 14:50

Return Journey: Sunday 24th February 2002
Station YORK, Departs 13:30, Travel By Train, Service Provider GREAT NORTH EASTERN RAILWAY
Station ABERDEEN, Arrives: 18:45
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Gah someone really fubar'd this machine, just had THREE (recoverable) BSOD errors.



Oh and the thing I use to do all my work, is broken too.
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