February 1st, 2002

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Rushed and it's like 1st Feburary now (white rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits.)

Um yes had a great time at Matt's place with Sonia, Helen and Rob (I will edit this with actualy lj user links later when I have real time...)

But stuff, yes.

Ack i'll update in the morning, just let's say funky stuph is happening.
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Funky song... Funky song....

Play dat funky song...

Got a job interview on Friday the 8th at 1055, can only be good news really.

One concern it's with the Rowett Reasearch Institute.

They need a medical report from me.

And that's just for an interview...
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Awlright, i'm worried...

"With the continuing stormy weather, and the risk of structural damage and flying debris, please be extra vigilant during access to and egress from any of the facilities and endeavour not to venture outside unless absolutely necessary until the winds have subsided."
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