February 6th, 2002

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Gah, the evil bastards.

They pulled ANOTHER emergancy evacuation today (Chemical spillage simulation, emergancy evacuate with biological and chemical hazard procedures or the "leave building, run away fast and stay away" scenario)

I go shopping now.

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Well it's time to say screw this shit, i've put up with the fucking crap shit they pass for "rules" around here and i've put up with verbal abuse from brainless morons who don't even know how a computer works yet seem to know exactly how I should do my job, i've worked so many unpaid hours over time and well what my line manager said has just proven that nobody here has a single shread of intelligence or creativity.

So i'm going to quit and if needs be become unemployed, I know if I don't do it now I'll just keep putting it off and accepting this shit.

I never wanted this job in the first place, I never want to work for this company again.

Despite the fact that over the past two days with the section leader and another "team member" fully witnessing my massive overtime of one hour (on both days) because I was 15 minutes late this morning (I was sleeping in the shower room as there is no where else, this by the way has now been banned by the Health and Safety people.) I have to work an extra 15 minutes today.

Sounds fair really.

Should I mention the extra seven hours I worked last week?
How about the week before that?

All unpaid as well.

Well fuck this shit and these souless nobodies, I'm outta here.
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