February 27th, 2002

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My boss (Europe and Africa team leader; Moira): If it's for me I don't want to speak to anyone.
Me: Mmmkay. (//Pickup from voicenet)
Me: Good morning Moira's phone. (We are so low down in tech support we don't have to identify ourselves, our company, our department or anything...)
Voice: Ahh good morning, Could I speak to Moira please?
Me: I'm afraid she's unable to take calls just now, can I take a message.
Voice: Oh, it's Rob Houston here (IT Global co-ordinator, my boss's boss's boss.) I'd arranged to call Moira at this time.
Me: Please hold one moment... (//Secrecy)
Me: Moira, it's Rob Houston....

*A beat*

Moira: Put him on
Me: (\\Secrecy) Thank you, i'm just patching you to her now.
Me: (//Transfer via voicenet)

I should probably be terrorfied.
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Oh righty, plan for tonite...

1. Sew Eliki's tail, no V:TES, no playing around with computers, no nothing until this is done.
No not even dinner.

2. Play around with digital tablet with thanks to Aetherknight, try and make the worst art auction in teh world EVER into something rather swish...
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Well Spike Milligan has died, followed the cue of John Thaw and Chuck Jones and Princess Margaret apparently.

In other news i'm pretty much giving up on ever seeing any pictures of me from the folks I paid, which is a shame because they both sounded really really nice.
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