March 5th, 2002

Hostile portals

Grrr, just surfing around when my home page was taken over by a hostile portal (basically without asking my default homepage was changed, i'm sure that's not allowed...)

Network problems appear to have gone now which is always nice.

Um and that's it for now apart from noting the talks with Super Jay for a Squeeky fursuit, it's going to be so murr >=X)
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(no subject)

It's quiet, very strangely quiet both here at work but more so on the net, hardly anybody around it seems.

This weekend well i'll have to go to the bank in the morning and pay Superjay for the fursuit and then I'll have to go for a driving lesson, it's something I really don't enjoy that much I'm getting the hang of it more but still don't really enjoy.
Then in the afternoony I think I'll give nullmouse and draconis a call and buy them lunch or some foo as a congratulations to nullmouse for being super smarters and finishing his thesis.

Current mood; Dazed I guess, the lonelyness merely reflects the quietness there is just now.

Whyfor dazed? I feel all giddy and foo, they are probably trying more random gassings.

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