March 15th, 2002

UK Cenfur 2002 (XP)

Hi everybody, a while ago someone suggested this to me and it's taken until now to actually think up appropriate questions and information for the first UK Cenfur.

This will hopefully provide future generations with a snapshot of how furs in the UK were doing in 2002, it will also be really intresting to read.

If you know someone that would like to do this Cenfur and hasn't recieved a copy please feel feel free to forward them a copy.

All replies will be treated in the strictest of confidence and all data shall be handled under the data protection act.

Entries should be returned to by the 20th of April 2002.


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704 users that had requests answered and closed but given no credit were stalked by fionacat

*paranoid looking around*

uh...uhh.... nobody saw me do it!

You can't prove a thing!!

Besides, it was at least twice as many....


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