March 18th, 2002

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Had a nifty weekend, quiet nice, pleasant but above all nifty.

Uh lemme see,
Watched Atlantis, Swordfish, Monty Python, Metal Gear Solid 2 and went for driving lesson,
it's starting to suck in a "this sucks, why am I doing this again?" kind of way.

I don't really like driving.

Headed back to nmonkeyj and played Dark Cloud a lot, and Chez Dork as well.

On Sunday played more Dark Cloud, some Half Life, Vampire and watched Antitrust.

Finally went home and spodded for a little bit.

Midly happy at the Cenfur results, initial reaction is good with 20 returns, need to get at
least four times that amount to make it a valid survey.

Prehaps an online form would be a better idea...

Must talk to Darac about it, get an SQL thingy what not doo-hickery and such like so you can
do look up searches and all.

Apart from that things have been quiet, I work and hate it intensly but don't have anywhere
else to go yet so have to "stick at it."

Screw that noise.

Two weeks.


I can wait another two weeks.

Oh and on a side note, someone is shoving hot hurty pain sticks into my brain just now.


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