March 19th, 2002

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It's another one of those days, knew yesterday was going to have a run of them...

All you can do is hope for the best and work for the rest.

Something about never saying never again.

I'd take a holiday but having just spent a wad of money on a new fursuit I don't really have the cash to do so.

April looks like the next chance to actually do something that I want to do.

April 26th-28th you say? CF2002.


Maybe just a week in bed or a few days with friends instead.

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Oh and there's a chance I could be made redudant as well.



I shouldn't be happy about such a thing really but to get out of here, well it's worth it.
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Certainly a crack smoking day...

A pretty serious bad one at that.

Everyone's all mopey over what's going to happen.

Bad foo

I took this meme because I'm bored and really want a rl hug.


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