April 5th, 2002

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Had a flutastic day off yesterday, still feeling betterer today, it doesn't hurt to move and all so I must be fine.

My lil palmtop had an uberlarge harf and did a complete reset which was very annoying as I lost some stories I was working on.

*huggles* to everyone out there in Internet land.
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So I was off ill yesterday (This you know...) so my dad mailed my boss saying I wasn't going to be in that day, what I only now found out was the content of the message.

My dad said that if I wasn't well by the end of the day he'd call in the vet.

My boss and my workmates laughed, not of course understanding but finding it funny anyway.

I on hearing this smirked slightly and felt all warm and fuzzy inside.
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Grand National and i'm apparently backing that horsey down the bottom there (yep that's right, just under the LJ-CUT tag...)

I don't really like the grand national and don't know why I bought a ticket, but it's a pretty cute horse...

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