April 17th, 2002

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I'm doing what now?

Roleplay with the stargate and what?

Trouble with Tuesdays, when I get home it's already midnight add in the time it takes to log in, check my email, get distracted, log out and go to bed.

*bang* it's 0130 and I know it's going to be a rough day on Wednesday...
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So um yes...

One of my colleges just set some toast alight, how I'm not quite sure I want to know.

Being able to have to combust on you in a toaster is a "bad thing" it indicates a certain level of "youdidwaht?"

Being super smart and kitty like I noticed that there was huge billowing clouds of smoke coming from the toaster and shouted "Uhhh... Toast..." causing a flurry of activity and much happiness that the rest of the PVC and fabric board did not catch.

However despite this, despite the large clouds of smoke and slight firey presence the fire system didn't trip.

This is "worrying"
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Cenfur (Last XP)

Firstly i'd like to thank everyone; for those that have filled in a cenfur thanks like a zillion
billion times for helping to actually acheive something {.. oo OO (that should guilt those that haven't
into filling one in mwhahahaha) OO oo ..} in the fandom and I am super happy that with an amazing
65 returns this is almost double what a simliar survey in the US recieved (he did however cheat and
attend two cons with a clip board and get an incredible 325 furs to fill one in there...)
Secondly I'd like to thank everyone who has put up with the crossposting and reissuing of this
message several times without complaining, I know it annoyed me so thanks guys and gals.

If you haven't filled one in already please do so and if you know of someone that hasn't even seen
the Cenfur yet please e-mail it along to them, the more returns that are processed the more accurate
the results.

Unfortunatly the closing date for all returns is still the 20th of April 2002 so you don't have
much time left.


******The UK Cenfur 2002******
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