April 24th, 2002

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Amma in the business test area (thankfully) where it's like a pleasnatly swealtering 25C with clear clear clear blue skies (I can like see a plane flying off into the distance and two seagulls and uh a helicopter now and lots of blue....) but it's just so uber nice outside.

Here in the BT area I can enjoy it as well, if I was back in the main office i'd have cubiclage shutting out the sun, which sucks.

Ah well be winter soon so amma gonna just bask here in the sun and purr happily.
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My work college just phoned one of out collegues out in the US, unfortunatly he dialed a wrong number and had a very irrate American DEMANDING to know what right he had to dial a private cell phone.

Was midly amusing for us if nothing else when my collegue simply pointed out that he dialed the telephone number he was given.

The slightly more colourful response at the other end was "Well nobody should have given you that number!!"

Yes indeed my collegue did get the wrong telephone number but the guy at the other end was just such a jerk.

Here's the problem that folks from across the pond in the US might find unsually.

We were expecting him to be a jerk like that.

Had you phoned anyone else in the world it would have been simply, "Uh, sorry. Wrong number."
but no this guy felt his privacy had been invaded all because someone pushed a 3 instead of a 4.

If you have a mobile phone you have to expect people to phone from time to time, even if you don't want them to.
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