April 29th, 2002

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Quiet weekend, saw Scorpion King a bit nuts very good (Surprisingly??)

Had elitadraconia over since there was nothing to do in Aberdeen and played Conker's Bad Fur day when suddenly caileanmacleod and Thumper (ahhhh... get him LJ code....) turned up which was midly confusing.

Sunday was quiet.

Must find something to do during the weekend, maybe start randomly touring the country again...

Meh, will write some content soon.
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Grag, i've been trying to update my LJ with a really uber important thing but I can feel the beady
eyes of the uberwatcher upon me so no chance of doing that just now.

I've also been trying to read friends entries 'cause there's some really cool things being
said just now that I wanna read...


Big hugs to foxyloxy btw
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Nuff said, mmkay.

That's Squeeky.

I am very happy.

Or I would be if I had time for feelings.

More if I can find a second to breathe...
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Oh yeah...

And today is a "power day"(tm) so be careful for things will be "really messed up" today, anything you do will be "powerful" more so then usual.

Try it, you'll be surprised just be careful, mmmkay...
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It looks like Everyone
and I do mean everyone
has been saying things like this or at
least like this.

Which is just making me all mopey 'cause everyone is going like how there's newbies and the old school or some crap when most of them
haven't even been in furrydom for 5 years.

How can there be such a vast difference in a mere five years between people?
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