May 23rd, 2002

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I got kinda sensitive ears and don't do the loud noise thang, hence my hatred of Thursdays (fire alarm test day) today it's compounded by the fact that not only is it fire alarm test day but they are testing each sensor as well so the fire alarm activates at quasi-random moments.
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From The BBC

Magician David Blaine has completed his 34-hour endurance stunt at the top of an 80-foot (24-metre) pole by spectacularly jumping into a stack of cardboard boxes.
After rescuers dived in after him, he emerged looking shaken and declared: "That hurt."

Oh and I got fired.

Boss: This is Jane, please have a seat.
Me: Hi Jane!
Boss: Oh you know Jane?
Me: Uh no, never met her...
Boss: I assume you know why you are here?
Me: Uh ... no.
Boss: Oh right well am I'm afraid you aren't fitting into the team.
Me: Oh!!
Boss: Terminated as of today, 1 weeks full pay.
Me: Mmkay.
Me leaves the room.
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So yes first a simple joke.

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Not you anymore!!

Uh yeah, bit nuts.

For those that have no idea (and I had to read the letter to figure it out) Halliburton is a huge conglomiration of companies but mainly ESG (energy services group) and KBR (Kellog Brown and root.)

I worked for Shared services, that's right an intermediate company that serves both.

Now ESG and KBR are splitting and thus shared services is no longer required (apparently...) so the entire department is being packed up bit by bit, hence the lack of job.


This is where it starts however, a new way and new future begins now.
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