November 3rd, 2002

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Things are kinda shite just now to be blunt.

Working part time in a bakery is not as cool as it's inital promise but at least I do get some coolish things to do.

What's not cool is that I have a six hour (yes 6 ... hours) tommorrow, which is almost a full time shift like.

So that will be crap.

Then despite specific instructions ("I can't work Tuesday evenings, I have a prior commitment that I've been going to for the past two years...") I have a 1530 to 2030 shift on Tuesday.

Grrr. Must resist killing new employers.

I'm giving it until the end of this week and then I really don't give a shit about being unemployed, I am so not having a repeat of Halliburton and lying to myself about how great it is having a job and getting money.
No job is worth it.

On a plus note, I may not have to as I've got a interview at B&Q and on Wednesday there's a GNER recruitment thing that I put my name down for (so have to be there between 10 and 3)
AND there's always Gensis Oil (IT Helpdesk), Grampian Police (answering telephones) and ACCORD (Data processing).

So yeah, hopefull no being a bakery assitant for long better things on the cards and all.


Please better things on the cards....


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