December 19th, 2002


I thought about leaving.

It's cold and dark and I don't know where I am how I got here or even where here is anymore.

If that's what it's like here how much worse can it be if I left?

I'm only a fringer really, nobody would miss me someone would lie and say they would but that's part of being in the dark, continuing the lie of, "I'm here for you"

Nobody has to do anything forever.

Trouble is, I actually kinda like it here.

Not so much when it's cold and dark but then that doesn't happen to often, most times it's warm and light and that's something to cherish.
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If time > 0000 and amount_of_sleep <= 2 hours then Stay_Awake?:NO!NO!NO!NO!NO!NO!!!

Sleep would be a "good idea"

Must have a word with Mister Caldach about BTness, it's all gone a bit funny.

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"This could destroy us if it became public knowledge. "

Then you really have to ask, are you worth saving.

Prehaps a change is needed.