May 20th, 2003

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Kudos goes to gypsyjr for being the first (I noticed) to switch to Matrix icons for the launch of Matrix Reloaded.

Anyone want to correct me on an earlier instance?
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Drug induced badness (thanks to Shadowmonkey 9 and Ibuprofen)

It was 1646 in the afternoon when the drugs started to kick in...

We were sitting in BT Towers, caldach, Shadow Monkey 9 and Shatsome Jam when suddenly caldach screamed, "Let's move! This is Mongoose country!"

When we saw them, big sleek things they were with a brown furry coating and long probing tounges (OF DOOM(TM)) coming right at us with pointed sticks, we were gone, out of there like a bullet from a gun riding the information supertrain as fast as we could.
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