August 8th, 2003

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Thanks to everyone that wished me good luck with my Driving test.

And yes, the pedistrians of Aberdeen have something new to fear.

More soon.
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So yeah driving test was exhuasting (may have had something to do with getting up at the wrong side of 7am...) but did a quick, "This is how not to fail, don't aim for things" recap with instructor before arriving ready for da test.

The test itself was pretty evil, lots of driving in heavy morning rush hour traffic down the back streets of Aberdeen.

However the stressing part was a test tester, there was a guy sitting quietly in the back of the car not saying anything at all, I think he died once or twice actually...

He was there to make sure the guy doing the exam was doing everything correctly.

Anaylsis of driving;

Stalls: 1 (And I'm blaming the extra weight in the back for that one...)
Faults (Minor): 5

> Parallel Parking: Control.

Well yes, it was pants, but I manage to correct it but it was still fairly pants.

> Use of mirrors: Signalling (x2)

I have "darty eyes" I'm able to register stuff in mirrors with just a quick "Ook there's a car riding on my butt" look.

> Speed on approach: 1

Yeah, it was a little fast for a tight wee turn.

> Obstruction of potential obstacle: 1

Narrow road + Cars <> "Win" and some of the cars were really badly parked so I had to pull quite tight to one in order to let another car pass.

All in all however, yeah, mighty proud.

Now to find somewhere to sleep...
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