August 11th, 2003

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Apparently it's been quite hot (Caution, contains adult material) in the UK recently.

I've not actually noticed what with having to sit at work for most of the day in the horrific air conditioned office.

Um yeah and I have to get out of here.

Really soon.

Things are bad when unemployment is looking like a good carrer move.

Merf, yeah uh stuff.

Mebbe try meet bhata and his new mate sometime 'cause they are up in Aberdeen and all.

Maybe I just need a vacation, lemme see last one I had was ... ... uh 1996 I think.
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Today I mostly really badly need a hug.

Would help defuse the increasingly bad mood I have found myself in due to the increasingly shittyness of work.

May have to talk to Caldach or at least Shadowmonkey9 lest I find out how far the windows on this floor can open...
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Work didn't get any better, which is really sucky.

But meh, go fig I feel bouncy happy as per usual.

Must be the water supply...

Damn ether...
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