August 21st, 2003

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Freddy vs Jason just rocked so much.

Pure cheese, silly plot, lossa simple scares, gore and frights.


Oh! And the ending DIDN'T SUCK!!!
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Supposed to be getting ready to move to Sheffield at this point.

Should be there 1st September to work in this same crappy job but surrounded by cool furry peebs that may (or may not) beat me with sticks.

But hey being beat wouldn't be so bad.

Would take the edge off the monoslavic moan of incorrehnt crud I am obligied to mutter down the phone line to customers.

So uhm yes.

Mebbe gonna go forward with part one of the plan and just get the hell out of here, it's crushed me totally and I doubt what will be spat out will be of any use at all, but I just gotta get out of here.

Shall talk to parentals and stuffage, not that they'll agree thinking foolishly that suddenly BT will offer me a contract which even if they did wouldn't make things better but would at least compensate slightly in the money department.

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