March 15th, 2004

Do you know me?

If you call me...

Charles - Meh, You are either doing something offical or you wanna report a faulty phone, in either case get lost!

Charlie - ... You knew me at school, right?

Fionacat - You probably know me from furrymuck or mebbe livejournal, dunno which but you don't know me that well yet.

Fee - Ahhh, furry type hunh? Well that's cool.

Flo - Chica, fluffy kitty girl

Fi - A few furrymuck peebs, not many. I know you =)

Runt - You know me IRL or from the very cool irc server

Squeeky - You know me from IRC in the form of

Mike Montet - Woah, you remeber me from living force, did I heal you with a 34 on my treat injury roll?

Feeyonah - You can remeber Gary's D&D game, now you worry me.

Waif - You know me off Sporkmuck

Bryson - You know me off Pokemush, if you can hit the operators there I might be able to get back...

Other names I've been known by, mostly roleplaying games;

Fox (Vampire), Toes (Vampire), Mael (Vampire), Squanda (Underworld), David Vasquez (SLA Industries), Genki Long (Feng Shui), Markus (D&D)

There's been others, but I don't recall them so good just now.
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