April 6th, 2004


My feet have huge blisters on them.

Stoopid shoes.


I have no idea if I have Friday off any more, nobody has told me one way or the other so quick straw poll.

Should I take Friday off and meet up with Dantecorwyn for zombie action in Shaun of the dead?
Should I ask if I have Friday off now?
Should I just go into work on Friday?

Vote now!!
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So the idea is that by linking to the Wikipedia entry for Jew we can make teh world a slightly better place by _NOT_ having This as the first entry in Google.

Yeah it's a google bomb and yeah it's a meme suggested (but not originated) by Dearwinifred but it's quick and simple to do and hey it'll make a real impact on the internet making it for a short while anyway a better place.

So take a few seconds to link Jew via Wikipedia in your blog of choice today, 231 entries of this nature would make a difference.
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