April 18th, 2004


Yeah myself and nmonkeyj whilst out badger spotting just had a rather naster accident with a tree.

It went something like this;

DriveDriveDriveDriveDrive around until we reach a turn off to Coull, and decide, hey it looks a nice road, let's take it.
So we drive down this road and it's a nice road indeed dry (unlike many of the other roads around) and clean and then there's this corner so I start to turn but the wheel doesn't follow and ahhhh crap I'm skidding now apply break apply break!! OOOOOooooh shit that's not working either we are so skidding and hey mister tree how you doing?


This onomatopeia does not quite describe the split seconds between moving and suddenly not moving very well, before I have time to realise the airbags just exploded I'm in autopilot my seat belt is off and i'm out the door nmonkeyj scrambling madly behind me as his door doesn't work he does this kinda crazy dive over the gear stick and scrambles out onto the road panting and heaving a bit before scrambling further away incase of explodingness.

There is thankfully no explodingness, but there's also no mobile reception so we walk the mile back down the road we've just come and reach a payphone, police first, parentals second.

All in all it's been terrorfying, but I skinned my knee slightly and nmonkeyj got assulted by a gear stick so we are both really lucky that the air bags and crumple zones did what they are supposed to do.
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