April 20th, 2004

Book hunt

From www.bbc.co.uk/endofstory book drops for North East Scotland

Aberdeen University
Near the bishop, below the crown, surrounded by those who wish to be masters?

Haven't been near AU for ages, haven't a clue where this would be.

Aberdeen, Huntly
You can be a worm here and bury yourself in books, go to the shop that will get you hooked

... Aberdeen, Huntly?!
They are like 20/30+ miles apart!! ... never mind haven't a clue either.

These scribblings must be stamped out

That's about an hour's drive from here...

The stables of the horses of steam

Bus Station? But they aren't steam...
Could be the old tram station.

The stance that you take can be the beginning and end of the journey

Again dunno...
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