November 29th, 2004


kitsunetorn is great and coool because....

1- She control Kui the greatest top hat impersonator in the world evah!
2- Kui being a spider she shares my somewhat obscure like of spiders.
3- She's cuddly and fuzzy on Furrymuck
4- But she (like myself) don't take no nonsense and calls a spade a spade
5- She's always around when there's something suitbly insane going on.

Soooooo kitsunetorn rocks!


jacel is brilliant because;

1- He's a dwaggin!!  What you need another reason :D
2- I always mispronounce his name but he doesn't mind
3- He has a cooooool dwaggin plushie icon
4- He randomly called me once just to say hi!
5- I read his secret stories at shadesoflife and don't tell him how great they are.


avon_deer is the best because...

1- He's actually really really clever; cleverer then me
2- He's in charge of something importan that i'd like to reguarly attend
3- He SNORES but admits he does :)
4- He's into the lifestyler thing
5- I've met him and he didn't beat me up


ayaluki is the greatest as...

1- She visits Aberdeen from time to time (but I never meet her)
2- She can draw!  And she draws pretty darn good
3- I've spoken to her on line a few times and managed to completly forget what we talked about so it'll be fun and new to chat again :D
4- She'll (hopefully) not hate me for cutting her entry short as my mind is a serious blank...
5- Oh wait, she got me into the whole pokemorphs thing


pawsie is fab because;

1- He helped takling to Koi when sie was feeling down
2- He's always availble for cuddling
3- He let's me read his lj :)
4- He's got lots of cute Red Panda icons
5- His name has Paw in it, making him inherantly 5x cuter


xellimon is excellent as;

1- He's a alien Duck, how rockling great is that
2- He let me phone him late at night
3- He phoned me back late at night
4- He gave me support when I was feeling less then great
5- He smiled at me when I saw him at a meet briefly


toastifer is the best in the world because

1- He gave up smoking!  How brilliantly kicking is that.
2- He was the first person I met on FurryMuck
3- He gives the best virtual hugs
4- He's senstive and caring about people and the world around him
5- He is one of the coolest furs I know, major kudos for him being the best mayor Furrymuck had


toonygal is perfectly great because

1- She can draw!  And she's also really good!
2- She was fun to play with on #bohemia
3- She's putting this meme into her journal!
4- She ROCKS at playing pokemon
5- She know about Animanaics and Invader Zim


electricdog is 733+ because;

1- He IS l33t, he was the first person I met who taught me what l33t ment.
2- He let me borrow his harness
3- He is ubersmart
4- I've met him!
5- He introduced me to Silverblue's comic


volfy is fantastic because;

1- He always says hi to me and ....
2- He always is cuddly and nice to me
3- He let's me read all of his journal
4- He says things that make me smile
5- He's totally adorable and understanding of things beyond his control.