January 14th, 2005

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I inheriantly dislike these kind of posts they alway just totally irk me which is why I say this.

Moving onto the list in more detail;

  • 2 the Ranting Grypon
  • Another abnoxious and loud American, woot.
  • Dr. Kage
  • Nice guy apparently, never met him probably never will.
  • Tapastries
  • MU* of ill repute, go here if you want to have virtual cybersex
  • Associate Student Bodies
  • A gay furry comic, having briefly read the first issue I managed to calmly hand it back, badly written smaltz.
  • Paw Pets
  • If I was maybe 5 or 6 then sure hand puppets would excite me.
  • VCL
  • Good resource of lots of furry content.
  • Furcadia (love it or hate it)
  • Pay for use (now at least) graphical MUD, not quite MMORPG quality
  • Sibe
  • A guy, did some lots of illegal things, caused Yiffnet to be disbanded so can't be all bad.
  • Dark Natasha
  • A girl?? Probably an artist.
  • Golden Wolf
  • ??? I have no idea and can't be bothered googling
  • Yiffing
  • A made up word derived from the Acronym for "Young Incredibly F**kable Fox" this was taken to mean anything sexual and tweakish in that way
  • Scritches
  • To pet/scratch like one would do to a cat or dog, a moderatly pleasing sensation.
  • That CSI episode
  • A very funny if some what trite episode of CSI with furs in it, had some brilliantly good lines and fantastic observations
  • That MTV real Sex Episode
  • A rather poor episode where MTV's typical style clashes upon furry, problem is they need sensation so have to invent some.

Anywho, that's me done, thanks for listening.
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