February 25th, 2005

10 things

i Appeared on "We The Jury" four times
ii Accidentally insulted Keith Chegwin
iii Hid from David Prowse
iv Beat Warwick Davis at Harry Potter:CCG
v Caused a card game to change it's Rules drastically
vi Manned the RPGA desk at the last GenconUK in London. (in the last slot as well, in fact I closed the doors.)
vii Had an Avatar more recognisable then my real self.
viii Appeared in West Corner of the Park insulting Raptavio but being unable to recall the incident.
ix Set up a group for Nethack

Can you guess what number 10 is?

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1 thing

To replace x since aethergard beat me to it...

1 - Been the first person to own a fursuit in the UK

I'd like please for this to actually to be not true, can anyone confirm ownage of a fursuit (for the purpose of wearing it as a fursuit, not for like acting and stuff) pre April 1989?

and just in case...

2 - Been banned by Ruin from the UK Therians meet up for complaing about Kurt Bat being a prick at the one the year before and putting a condom in BH's kettle.