May 4th, 2005

May the Foruth be with you!

Now that's out of the way (PAH! A pox on you Lucas for missing THE best viral marketing release EVEH)

Some may recall The petrol meme where I asked you;

If you drive and have recently purchased some petrol (Gas for those US types) I'd like to know how much petrol 10 get's you.

Ten what?

Well £10 in the UK, $10 in the US and €10 in Europe.

If you can note the Country, County/State you bought this petrol in as well i'd be hugely happy and will make a bar chart from it.

And now I ask again, and thanks hugely to jmaynard here's some conversion things hidden away.

I believe i'll make this an as often as I recall to post post and build up a kinda nifty table thing which will make murrr graphs :D

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