May 7th, 2005

Cute pika suit

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A while ago I offered bitmap icons in exchange for a donation to charity.

Well hey now you can get them for free!


Everyone is doing it again so ehhh.

Leave your name and four of your intrests you'd like to be iconised (I may not choose any of them and go for something random however :D)

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The Glorious Dead

I never got to meet you, you died for a noble cause, that often we forget.
I never got to thank you, you sacrificed your life for a better world, that we've not maintained.
I never got to know you, your name nor where your body lays.
I never got to ask you, would you do the same again?

Thank you.

Two words, simple words that don't express how greatful I feel.
You gave your life so freedom lives and carries on today.
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