July 4th, 2005

In the land of the Free and the home of handing problems to the next generation.

George Bush, world class fucktard.

In saying that Jacques Chirac ain't much better, "The only thing the English have done for Agriculture is mad cow disease." Right, except just now thanks to a mass slaughter policy the UK has the LOWEST instances of mad cow disease anywhere, including France.

Meh, hopefully G8 will go well, the politicians will make flimsy excuses and poor decisions and the assembles throng will storm Gleneagles slaying them all.

Might be a good start.
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sums up my weekend;

AetherKnight: Y'know when you get to the end of a brilliant conversation or debate and there's that brief 30 second awkward pause while people scan about for the next topic...?

AetherKnight: It was like that. For a whole weekend. :-/
Yes i'm talking Drakcon, two days of rather poorly organised living events with some people there to talk to and make sure it wasn't totally shite.

Thankfully a smattering of people did make it bareable, so thanks to Kerry, Aetherknight, Dave, Thumper and Duncan.

Maybe more on this but trying to commit this event to the part of my brain that forgets things
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