July 17th, 2005

What actually happened today

I tried to play City of Heros, it crashed, twice.

Bah, I wanna know what is causing this to happen as it's really annoying me now, the MS crash anaylsis is incredibly helpful, "Crash was caused by a Device Driver" oh really? Which one??

Not going to tell me?

Hmmm, we'll there's a few device drivers any of them could have caused the crash, I think it might be sound related rather then graphic now, so i'm gonna update mah sound stuff and hope for the best.
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Good news!

Managed to glean this from the crash report;

Error Message: STOP 0x000000EA THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER (Q293078)

Meaning the error is caused by the graphics card!

Well that's solved that at least.

Problem is i'm using the most up to date drivers and have reinstalled them.


Ah well, third time is the charm.
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