September 26th, 2005

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I asked about the exchange rate offered at the local Lunn Poly, they admitted it was wrong but didn't know how to change it, sorry.

Made me giggle a little.

Uhm which was good, giggles have been few and far between recently mostly just been in an odd place of very out of character funkyness, sorta feeling blue for no readily justifable reason (lots of unjustified reasons which is just me being a jerk mainly.)

Alarmingly it would only take one of two people to say, "Sorry" and i'd be all bouncy happy just like that again.

But as neither of those two read my livejornal I doubt they even realised I was feeling this way or any such.

Mostly I shall be hiding in a hole of self-putty today, i'd be in a hole of self-pity but ehh that wouldn't be as much fun.

See, feeling better already :)
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