December 1st, 2005

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Ehhh I'm still a little ill so this is probably less then sensitive but today is apparently World AIDS day, that's right an artifically created day to remind everyone that people die, often very slowly and in an horrible way that currently there is no way of curing.

Great idea I say, i'd highly recommend a "World Guns kill people day", a "Don't drink acid day" and a "Drive 10 mph (or 17 kph I think) slower and don't kill people you might hit day"

Not quite as catch and i'm sure somebody will bleat away, "Whinewhinewhine we have a right to bare arms" uh-huh doesn't make it correct.

But anywho, apart from a gnawing fuzzy sensation when I turn suddenly (current solution: Don't turn suddenly) i'm doing a lot better and am only coughing up slightly slimey mucas every 3 hours now.

Joy ^^
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