December 4th, 2005

Happy Holidays!

Because HEY news for you, Christmas is still three weeks away, so until like the 21st expect other non-christian holidays (because there's a lot of them) to get priority.

Chill folks, it's not all about commercilism and political correctness.
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Managed to change my style thingies so they work now ^^


Yeah I know it's basic and simple but eh, i'm a basic and simple kinda person...

Got an interview at 0930 in the morning for a council job, should be good :)

Just watching the Unseen Eric Morcambe (again meebe?) and it is just so brilliantly funny, i'm very glad I have had a chance to laugh tonight.

bhata i'm coming to get you on monday ^^
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Message someone, e-mail them, text them, phone them even.

Let someone you haven't seen in a while or someone you think needs it know that you care.
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