April 24th, 2006

Everyone else was doing one...

Ehhhh i'll probably do this in my Fur Affinity / DeviantArt thingy as well but as it's very easy i'll give everyone on all three of these a chance to participate.

Interactive drawings (of Stickman!)

Stickman is a boring normal stick man whom happens to have magical adventures of crazyness.

So each (uhm day probably) you the loyal readers of LJ can choose what happens to him from this short list and feel free to make up something;

1) Transformation : Stick man becomes slightly more ... ooh well you'll not know until you choose this option.

2) Age Regression: Stick man becomes slightly younger

3) Age Progression: Stick man get's older

4) Gender change: Stick man?? Well not if you choose this one.

5) Plushificaiton: Stick man becomes a cuddly toy a bit

6) Something else?
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