May 31st, 2006


One of the unspoken terrors is happening again, all the government and companies like it, they want it to happen more often.

Some rat bastard is putting extra minutes in the day, they do it during your lunch break so you don't notice and at first you think, great more lunch for me but it doesn't work like that, you only get the first 10 seconds of these extra minutes during lunch, the rest spirals out from the insertion point adding extra time as they criss cross with regular minutes like some kind of super caffinated drink mixed in with regular tea.

Something has to be done, people of the world unite, together we can stop them, we can stop the extra minutes!

But would you want to, personally the extra seconds in lunch make up for all the extra time at the end of the day, in fact the system almost works.

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dum spiro spero ergo nil desperandum

There is a hole here.

I know how to fill it, but do not have the means to do so.

Why would I want to keep a hole here?

Why would anyone keep a hole?

You can never let go of hope, hope clings to you, it wraps around you.

So why worry.

Worse things happen at sea.
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