August 25th, 2006

On Pluto

and Sulphur is apparently spelt with an F rather then PH now, sure you can say it's no longer a planet you can have a bunch of rather boring people have a conference and declare it so but it doesn't make it any more true.

Simple fact is in our current culture it is (and for most people) always will be a planet, end of story, you can try redress it as anything you want, Trans-Neptunian object, Dwarf Planet, Plutonian (which causes problems with Geologists apparently...) but it doesn't stop Pluto way out from the sun being there and they won't stop me calling Pluto a Planet.
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To protect it, register it

Got a mobile phone in the UK?

Visit and put your IMEI number (find this by dialing *#06# but some models may vary) in, then if your phone is lost or stolen it can be blocked and when recovered returned to you quickly.
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