February 1st, 2007

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Haven't had so much to say really, things going really well just now, got nekosune to cuddle up to just now as she's staying here for a while, hopefully she'll find a job and can stay all the time.

On sadder notes seoniadh is leaving for the middle of the Arctic ocean (as far as I can figure) and that's reallly icky 'cause he's a super smashing great kinda chap and will be sorely missed by all and sundry, he's packing just now and it'll take him ages 'cause eveyone sucks and didn't turn up to help. Boo to you sucky people :(

Loupy has been moved to another ward but i'm having problems phoning him, will be trying again tonight and see how he is doing.

Uhm... part from that waiting for a bunch of commishes, all for other people of course, got one for arakin_uk and two for darkdraconis anna I think one for someone else.

No word (after now 4 years) on the commishes of Feef and Squeeky but ehhh mustn't grumble.
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