March 19th, 2007

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Wotcha folks,

Today I shall mostly be plugging the very cute Subject to change by Picklejuice, it's probably just NSFW as it contains scenes with a slight hint of a sexual nature probably enogth to get you fired, so ehhhh don't blame me.

But anywho, it's a transformation comic about a guy that suddenly isn't a guy anymore and becomes a dog and the reason i'm pimping it up (apart from the rather cool theme) is Picklejuice was kind enogth to post the version I coloured for today.

How cool is that.

So yeah go read, if you have some spare cash pay the man some money or some such.

Super huge congratulations also to astolpho who is now married and such and his wedding day didn't go all apocalpytic, which is nice.
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