March 26th, 2007

Pondering stuff


Was at Conpulsion this weekend, was ... well it wasn't so great sadly and continues to make me question if i'm in a "right" place just now.

Highlight of the weekend was coming up with Raw Deal Top Trumps which was kinda fun and nifty.

Apart from that, all I did was play raw deal, there were a couple of games I did consider but was just to meh in the end.

I'm not blaming nmonkeyj for this entirely, I should have probably contacted the organisers and arranged a table and also arranged a game slot for both our games.

Not that there's anything wrong with just spending an entire week in the student union bar, indeed if you enjoy that kind of thing, cool go and enjoy it but sadly that's not for me, I like to be doing things, creating and crafting so to speak.

Ahhh well spilt milk and all that jazz, will just have to ensure the same doesn't happen next year.

Moving on, this coming weekend it is The Student Nationals given that the only student roleplaying club in Aberdeen (AURA) is rubbish and couldn't organise a tea party in China, a crazy plan to represent Aberdeen has been formed and thus i'll be going down for that but already i'm quite nnng about it, the plan was to go down Friday, stay Sat, Sun and come back Mon, not only does this involve a day off for coming back on Monday but now having to look for an alternative hotel as well as the price of transport.

Still things could be worse...

At this point probably going to look at going down Saturday morning EARLY, (9am start so 0600 leave from Aberdeen and then 2hour, 30 minute drive to Edinburgh) staying just the one night and then driving back probably late Sunday evening.

It's not a good plan at all actually looking at it.

Alternative hotel sounding really good now >.>
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