May 2nd, 2007

Post season Scrubs

I can't recall the dream I had last night now, i've been quite busy so it's drifted off like so many others.

But the night before it was brilliant, it was the Scrubs reunion party showing how all the characters (and actors) had done 5 years after the end of Scrubs.

It mostly involved Turk and J.D trying to build a Microlite aircraft from spare hospital equipment without anyone noticing.

Dr Kelso caught on but started to help them out in obscure ways giving vaugly cryptic clues of which other characters would have bits to build a microlite with.

The show (and my dream) ended with them standing over the Janitor's grave (without you being able to see his name) as JD and Turk wondered how to get the essential widget from inside as the janitor stood behind them. After a brief zombie graveyard chase sequence the janitor catches them hands them the widget and wonders why they were visiting an empty graveyard plot, camera cuts back to indeed show NO GRAVESTONE (DUM DUM DUMMMMM) as JD and Turk run off with the widget, meet back on top of the hospital roof and fly off on the microlite into the sunset everyone waving to them.
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Just a number...

I did think about breaking the law, but ehhh that's not cool even if it's a stupid law.

So instead of the HD-DVD Encryption key here's the key in decimal, which as far as I can figure is not copyrighted.

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