June 13th, 2007

The Esoterroists (Game Review)

Whht if there were groups of people, so batshit crazy they wanted to bring magic back to the world right now, and the only way to do that is by doing batshit crazy things?

They'd be Esoterroists, "Freedom fighters" for the cause of magic and altering reality.

In this game we played a group working against that, realising that magic is batshit crazy and would drive most people insane, thus it's best kept away from the world.

The game feels like Conspiracy X meets Unknown Armies (World level); you know there is weirdness, you know there are freaks, you know they have to be stopped.

The system is based on Gumshoe, mostly diceless and rather nifty thinking system; rather then having to roll spot you say, "I'd like to use my spot skill" and you spot everything that there is to spot, it takes a bit to get your head around and I think in our first outting into the game low stats made us very wary of doing anything so we probably missed quite a lot, having spoken to the GM we didn't have to worry, it's only when you want something cool your stat drains and we should have paid more attention to that fact.

The actual plot is pretty crack induced, Head of Contacts and Procurement in the CIA has been found killed in a possible ritualistic way, our secret society contacts us and get's us in with the FBI investigation into the murder as Occult specialists and we find the murder scene.

It's totally covered in blood, with a body in the bath; the head, hands and feet of the body however are on the bed.

Our investigation begins...
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