June 14th, 2007

Blog like it's the end of the world

It's nice and sunny, bit of scattered cloud, I have to go pick up some monitors from one of our other facilities soon, i expect the traffic to be slightly heavier then usual with the mass panic around but ehh, go fig shouldn't take much longer then usual.
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Blog like it's the end of the world (2)

Well screw that for a game of cricket, had to drive past a graveyard and you aren't supposed to be able to see anything, big biohazard fences like but you can see the fence moving! It's like seriously taking a beating, large lumps in it for crying out loud, there was a army Rover there with a mounted machine gun, i've never seen a machine gun before looks a wee bit on the scary side but ... well i guess it works.

News feed from down south has been cut, there are just no more reports coming from there I worry lots for my friends, I hope you are okay and if you can let me know how you are getting on comment below.

I've got an emergancy plan ready just in case, i'll update on my blackberry if things get worse.
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Blog like it's the end of the world (3)

I thought it was odd, I mean we don't here gunfire that often here in the UK and so I didn't notice it had stopped until just now.

I'm doing okay, i've actually seen one shambling down the road only to get squashed by a small tank; the arm totally continued to twitch until they brought out the naplam...

So i've cleaned the vomit off myself and had a shower, feel better, there's only 2 of us in the office now, we can head off in about an hour after all the data is moved across to the US servers, I hate waiting, but I am safe here, we have triple glazing front doors (and interior front doors) a 3" thick oak door, the 1.5" thick wooden door to the stairs (with filing cabinet blocking it) another door at the top of the stairs also blocked and another 3" thick door for the office.

Fire saftey > zombies

I hope.

Still got lots of tea to be drinking in the mean time, and power isn't a problem.

Now, how do I get to my car...
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Blog like it's the end of the world (4)

Time to ... go home?

I think not, it's looking pretty dangerous out there now, i'm going to stick to the backroads and make my way to an abandoned fort in the middle of nowhere (with a Costcutters about a 6 click walk away)

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Blog like it's the end of the world (5)

Sorry if i had people worried, i've made it to Crathes castle, there's a friggin' wireless connection here so i've stopped and had a breather with some tea.
On the way here managed to avoid the traffic, but could hear the horns of cars in the distance, I didn't stop to find out what was being honked at.

I feel strange, in a good way, stronger now, on the way here there was one in the middle of the road.

I aimed for it.

There was red.

The crunch it made was sickeningly horrible as bones deformed and it's body reshaped.

One less Zombie for the authorities to deal with.

I phoned some of my friends before the network was turned off, it's strange getting a GPRS signal without any normal phone signal.

Chica in Germany, Loupy in France and even Taktuk in Alaska told me about various levels of activities from many of them on the street in the frozen wastelands of Alaska to just some minor graveyard disturbance in Germany.

I'm going off to try and kill a sheep, probably harder then a zombie.

I'll update on how dinner is going.

For the first time in this very long day, i'm looking on the bright side.
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