December 6th, 2007

Prehaps it's explained in the book...

So yeah Golden Compass, okies I guess, looks quite nice has some mehish scenes of kids being heroic (because that's what kids do now) but (and I blame the excellent roleplaying game A fate worse then death for this...) there's a major problem of how the Magisterium manages to exist.

See in your fantasy/sci-fi/whatever (even applies to real world) universe if you as a major company in the world I dunno are suspected even slightly of kidnapping children and doing unspeakable experiments on them, then people will stop supporting you, they will stop buying your stuff, they will boycott you and if you are large enough they will even start to destroy your places of power.

And sure you can hire folks to stop some of them, but that only makes it worse as hey look you are now stopping the people expressing themselves, full scale rioting in the streets main target: Your sucky corporation and who ever is in charge of it.

Ahhh but they've been around for decades fleecing the people that they are good, pile of shite; look at Enron for a real world example of how quickly a major company that has been around for decades and did something wrong can fall apart (and of course the consquences, suddenly people don't only trust company X but they don't trust other companies that were in the same line of business as company X)

So yeah Golden Compass was okay, just I didn't find it overwhelmingly brilliant.
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