January 5th, 2008

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Normally I wouldn't do this, but I feel absolutely devastated. I've unfortunately been affected by freeloading tards before in the past so this is also kind of personal for me.

No I will have a bit of a momentary lap of intelligence and before jumping on a bandwagon of hate ask for proof.

And sorry no, a second hand confession over the telephone to a third party whilst high doesn't count as proof.

I am pretty annoyed a lot of folks have just jumped on and assumed this guy did it all without any real conclusive proof he did.

Having been subjugated to mass slander before (the whole Marci McAdams claiming I paid someone to recolour one of her pictures and had stoled her copyright and was a terrible terrible person that should be stoned to death shite) I know how easy it is for one party to stretch the truth and convince folks of something that is fundumbmentally untrue.
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