September 14th, 2008




Ehhh no i'm not really celebrating, i'm very glad it is my birthday I will fully admit I had a supermega panic freak out on LHC turn on day, it was really really... embarrasing I guess I couldn't really put into words what I was feeling but I had some pretty intense horrific nightmares and jsut couldn't sleep and ... bleeech.

Never had anything like that happen before and I hope it never happens again.

Uhm apart from that since this time last year, i'm a crap load more lonley and isolated, that's not much fun at all this has been amplified by some people form various forums being complete cocks and really adding to that feeling of isolation.

For my actual birthday, i'll be working from early o'clock (gotta get up at 0530) and ... ehhh i'll see how I feel probably just work then come home.


So looking forwards to Monday the 15th, it will be a day that will also be my birthday.
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