January 20th, 2009

Thank you President Bush

You did the best job you could, you got some bad advice, some terrible advice and you did your best with it.

I don't think I could have done any better.

History or at least the American People will not hate you for long, be strong sir it will be dark for a while.

So thank you President Bush.
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Hello President Obama

I could try put this post off, I suspect like the rest of the internet the lag will be so crazy it would not post at the right time so I will do it now.

How you doing?

You are looking pretty good on television just now, riding a crest of a wave, so many people, dude I hope nothing happens there.

Yes we can?

Can what? What you going to do?

Where are you going to lead us?

I can't help but get caught up in this moment with so many others, but rightly so there will not be a moment like this again.

So many people have pinned their hope to you sir, so many people are waiting for you to tell us how you are going to bring change.

Change isn't good.

Change threatens security.

So we wait.

You have our attention.

Tell us how we are going to change.
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16:36 Bush comes out with Chaney... That's what I call muted applause.

16:39 Biden comes out, small roar, I'm worried for the microphones when Obama comes out.
I'm glad we have pictures, I couldn't even put into words what the sea of people out there is like, a writhing mass of colour and movement.

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16:41 - The crowd start to chant, it's like a tribal ritual building, Oh-Bam-Ah!

16:42 - The chant stops, the mistress of ceremonies comes out, the inaugaration is formally started, trumpets start to play, i don't recognise the tune.

16:43 - Obama comes out, I like his gloves and his tie is pretty awesome, the microphone keeps cutting out due to the sound level, you can just hear it a deafening roar before the speaker pickup trips again.

16:46 - "The world is watching today" so many watching, someone should be sponsoring this really, a few billion people might be slightly influenced.

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16:48 - "Let us pray", we couldn't do this in the UK, I can't see Dr Rowan Williams (awesome as he is) giving a prayer like this, it would be quiet, subdued and probably in Latin. This is loud, you can hear the preacher breaking up as he delivers the sermon.

16:50 - "We are Americans united..." It's still quiet, I think you could hear someone sneeze from the back of the crowd.

16:51 - I notice only the news ticker is still ticking, it reminds me the world still turns, things are still happening.

16:52 - The lord's prayer, I expected everyone to join in but it's still quiet, he gave a good prayer.

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16:53 - Arethea Franklin sings the national anthem, I've never really liked it, it's not that great but she has some lungs on her, sort of hams it up a bit (she's allowed to I guess...) and has this invisible choir join in near the end.

16:55 - My phone rings.

16:56 - Phone stops ringing, Aretha finishes as the mistress of ceremonies realises things need to be picked up a bit, can't run late.

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16:57 - Here's Biden, Vice President now by the time this posts, he faces away from the crowd, that's just bad planning really.

16:58 - So there, new vice president, he'll be the big man should something happen.


16:59 - Everyone sits

16:59 - The flags magically lower

16:59 - Some people (really famous musicians) play music arranged by John Williams, oooh there's the choir!

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17:01 - Sounds like they are playing Lord of the Dance (the uh hymn not the michael flattley phoenonmoneon)

17:03 - ... maybe not then, hey aren't we running late?

17:04 - Very nice, inspiring. But yeah ... so there's nobody in charge of America are this moment?

17:05 - See he faces the crowd, isn't that smarter.

17:05 - Oh should have practiced, wouldn't have flubbed it so much :p
Maybe some nerves for some reason

And congratulations Mister President.

... Watch where you fire those cannons matey, just in case.
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(no subject)

Breaking news!

Barrak Obama sworn in as 44th president of the United states of America at a ceremony in Washington.


I thought everything was on a satellite delay to prevent another "Wardrobe Malfunction"

His tie could have a wardrobe malfunction I guess..