February 14th, 2012

Should we allow price gouging?

So I was just checking travelodge for some room costs, this is the same travelodge currently having a £10/night sale is offering a single room for a mere £440.

Supply and demand only explains this so far, it then becomes plain greed.
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A brief demonstration

If you will indulge, what is the difference between these four pieces of writing;

Extract i

He could smell her scent, it was a female for sure and with those silly things that those not of the forest placed on top of fur and skin to keep warm but she was not a human, he could smell her scent that of a feline.
"I shall go and scare her, then all of the town will know of the wolf and be scared." Loupy whispered up to Owl.

Extract ii

The animated buglers around the main clock decorated with festive tinsel and blinking, flashing christmas lights hummed slightly springing into life to mark the hour as ten small chimes slowly rung out, causing a small burst of applause from a bunch of cubs around the clock as little elfin figure hopped out of a door putting up a sign, "Sandy Fox is in!"

Extract iii

The thing I had learned to fear the most was darkness, not because of the lack of anything to see but because since I was very young; I could see everything there.
I'm not like most pople in the darkness I am able to see all the things that have never been, all the things that should not be and everything in between.
That's why now i'm lying in bed wide awake counting the 2,301 dots that decorate my ceiling waiting and hoping that tonight I will not fall asleep again.

Extract iv

"Don't go to sleep yet Mr Harry..." A quiet voice suddenly broke the blackness, brushing it away as he sat bolt upright in the soft leather sofa of his living room, directly across from him the etheral women handed him a cup of tea.
"Drink! Drink Mr Harry... You'll need it." She said her voice sounding more solid, more focused as she started to explain why all his he could see things other people couldn't.

Which of these four did I write today?
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