Fionacat (fionacat) wrote,

E - G (For real)

earthdraco: Issa UK dwaggin that I know so little about. Knows n I think.
eliki: Ubercuterssnowmeow! Eliki is so super cool, don't tell anyone but he's secretly my role model.
elitadraconia: RL dragonlike friend and collector of anime and rpgs and weird foo.
esterian: Very nifty fanfic writer who live in da UK and such
fatedfox: Fated should be my arch enemy or something but uh he's kinda cute and such like so we get along.
feenix_flame: I think I met Feenix in Manchester, introduced me to <a href="http://www.Broken>Broken Saints</a> felishumanus: Felis from like Aberdeen, supermurr goff grrrl ffelfurt: Issa nother furry uk artist! ... Don't know much about you. fionacat: Don't know anything you... >=Xp fishthecat: Bodypainter and nifty cute kinda guy. flinthoof: Mint addiction? Incredible fur and very very cool. footpad: Were (I think) Lifestyler (I know) uhhh.... I just know he's very smart and furry like to be honest. forfoxsake: Not a generic fox, TR's Mate. Cute in a kimba-esq stylee which is cool. foxb: UK fur, on yiffnet, don't know a huge amount about him. foxcutter: He's like a superstar in Furrydom (really!) Geniunie nice guy foxmajik: Infamously MAV'd in the WCOTP. foxyloxy: Very thought provoking and melencholy kinda fur, must try to know better. fox_cub: Not who I thought it was but I haven't gotten around to removing. Intresting guy. frank: A goat. ... There's not much more to say. frostyw: Frostbite from ol' WTnet, arctic fopsy which is again not a generic fox, thus good. fuali: Meme propigator extrodinairre, a hero of mine. furrtive: A community for furs, nice and friendly like. furrywriters: A community for furrywriters, not so nice and friendly. Ahhh well... g3ng4r: Fantasticlly great spooky kid (*smirk*) who I simply must meet some time. Lives in a house or something... genus_loci: ... Who are you? Why are you on my friends list?? *eyebrow* george_w_bush: It's the president of the USA, he's fun to listen to. gims: Glass In Mouth Syndrome, I suffer from this regularly. girl_from_mars: Adcott's ... some relation. Friends only journal so I don't know you at all. graywolfcat: My stalker! He's off on his own site ( now and I miss him lots. greenfox: Fairly angsty writer but is far to intelligent and smart and good. growf: Dwaggon, with a magical beard. Maybe Jesus in disguise. gypsyjr: Doing a picture of Squeeky, fantastically brilliant artist and nice person too. End time: 10:49

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