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You're a virgin aren't you? No but I see you are pre-occupied by this...
You sacrifice virgins don't you? Never, virgins are useless sarifices
YOU drink alcohol?! ... no
You drink blood all night don't you? Not all night, no.
Is your head an animal? Would you like to find out *glare evilly*
Are you a blacksmith? I have a degree of metal knowledge
Did you just call ME gothic? Fuck no.
Do you get a buzz from dressing like that? Yes
Do you like dressing like that? No, I hate it, they force me to, listen can't you hear them...
Are you a dyke? Yes sure and you are a brick...
Are you gay? Not last time I checked.
Are you a hippy? I wish...
You're one of them old fashioned people aren't you? Aye, why in my day...
Do you worship Satan? Nah, but let me tell you about this guy called Azmodues...
Do you wear odd socks? Only on my left and right feet.
YOU swear?! Fuck no.
You take drugs don't you? Yes, Anti-histimine, you want some?
Are you into witchcraft and that? No
Do you fly a broomstick? Not now I have my new vax.
Are you a weirdo? Nope, I'm a freak...
Do you make your own clothes? Yes
Are you a fugitive? From reality.
Are any of your clothes white? ... yes
Do you make lucky charms? No but I do help produce Cheerios(tm)
Do you live in a castle? Yes we all do here in Scotland.
Are you like that boy on home and away? HA!
Are you a vampire? Hell no and don't insult me like that again.
Why do you wear red eyeliner? To compliment my green hair?
Why are your eyes red? I dunno what do they say?
Don't you like Adidas? Global coroperation that abuses 3rd world workers, sure...
Are you a dog or something? Woof.
Are you one of them gothics? Fuck no.
Can you raise the dead? ... No comment.
Are you a kryptic? nlyo no ysuetda
Do you have any friends? Only imaginary ones.
Do you wear black because you think white is poisonous? White reflects too much heat.
Do you wear makeup? Sometimes.
Can you read my palm? Sure! *apply red paint*
Are you a mangled goose?
Are you a hippy-crit? Yeah I hare those hippys...
Are you a human being? Barely.
Are you natural? 83%
Do you like Limp Bizkit? Is that from McVitties?
Can I join your witch gang? I dunno, i'd have to ask my boss (point down...)
Can I be black too? No, you ain't cool enogth.
You're a stupid fockin freak. You worship the devil. You look stupid. I'd kill myself if I was like you. Can I borrow a pencil? Sure *stab pencil into hand*
Do you like the moon? Yes
Do you hug trees? Only birch and willow
Who would win a fight out of God and Jesus vs. you and the Devil? Fisticuffs or pistols?
Is your underwear black? Can I check? ... All right.
Are you scum? Yes, you must be tadpole spawn.
Are you a witch, cause you're wearing a bike chain around your wrist? that's to stop folks nicking my bike...
Are you a not well in the head dyke / lesbo in black? Pardon? Could you try in a languge from Earth?
Are you that girl from the Adams family? Wednesday Adams played by Lisa Loring? No.
Are you a gothmoth? Lemme light up and find out.
Why do you have those chains? Are you a dog? Woof.
Can I burn you? Fuck no!
What do you do when it's not a full moon? Wait 28 days...
What's a goth? A member of the rather savage tribe of Germans who ruled in the 12th century.
Are you a GrUnGeEeEeEeEy!!? ... Yes dear, now how was the cricket?

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