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My life
Is pretty nifty bouncy, as usual. Even if I hate my job I still have a very cool and happy life.
Had a good time at Fallen it was really rather good but still have problems with the system and such but
i'll hit the GM over the head about these.
Have scary plans in motion for Drakcon should be "intresting" to say the least.
and uh that's about it, Therians is on which makes me very happy and well hey things are swell.

The world
Isn't going so good.
The latest health check estimates in 30 years (thirty, yes thirty) years 24% of all mammals will be
extinct, 7% of all plants will be likewise.
Looks like the 6th wave of mass extintions and the first caused by a living organism (humans)
Which is a bad thing, and it's like "Well what can I do?" I already don't waste water or electricity,
I recycle as much as I can and you know it's like, "Well hey, I'm out of ideas here, tell me how I can
stop this."
I can't.
We can.
It needs a directed effort by everyone to change something like this and it can be changed (look at
the oil industry, they were told that they would be running out of oil by the year 1998 so they went
and looked at how they extracted oil and changed their techniques extending the amount of oil they can
obtain to 2015 and probably beyond).
To sit and watch as our own actions not only destroy the world around us but also hurt others of our
own kind is disgusting and I am not sure how but i'd like to do something, anything to stop this from

Local news
The Scottish Parliment is in Aberdeen just now, in session and I almost want to go along with a placard
(or maybe a bucket of vomit) and start hurling abuse at the MSP's inside.
They have spent £80 million (last time I heard, it's probably escalated again...) on building the
new Scottish Parliment and infrastructure for the Scottish Parliment (so there's like road networks and
a train service.) Where as here in Aberdeen our local council is having trouble finding money to
even keep the roads in a fit state of repair, we have a dual-carridgeway that was started in 1956 and
has still not reached it's final destination (it should be a 6 mile long strech of dual-carridge but
it's 2 miles then a break, 1 mile then a break, 1 mile then a break and the rest has still to be done.)
But what does the money go to?
A building, in Edingburgh.
And politicans wonder how "right wing" parties can get any credance, it's simple they are at least
entirly honest in how exactly they will screw you over (and even then they'll only do so if you
match certain genetic criteria) where as the mainstream parties don't and tend to screw you over anyway.

Le Pen doing so well was not "A wake up call" it was a pointed reminder that hey you guys better start
doing things better or else we the public will take extreme measures...

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